Interior-Exterior Painting

Interior/Exterior Painting

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What is 4+15?

Depending on the way you are looking at it and the amount of time you want to invest in it, interior/exterior painting for the house could either be a breeze or a big task. All that is necessary is to know a few basic things about painting and the way it affects areas that are painted. This applies to many types of utilized paint for the same purposes, whether it is for the combination of interior paint or for exterior paint.

It is not a must for you to be a professional painter to handle this project because Miami 305 remodeling is there for you. However, while some people will carry out exterior painting by themselves, other homeowners choose to employ professionals to do their painting. For whichever case, below are some tips that will make your painting successful.


Paint Finishes

The market has different paint finish types for you to choose from and they are available at the store. They have particular surface types that they can be applied to for them to maximize their effectiveness.


Semi-glossy and glossy finish – just like the way the name implies, this finish reflects better than other paints after drying. This finish is populous as a choice [kitchen and bath remodeling miami-dade] for areas and rooms experiencing a lot of wear and tear like bathrooms and kitchens and is also good for areas that take a beating like cabinets, handrails, floors, trims, doors, and other types of furniture. These finishes are quite easy to clean and are more resistant to stains.

What is 4+15?

Satin finish – This finish type is also called the eggshell finish for common reasons. The effect at the end provides a luster that you can compare to what is seen on the surface of an egg. This finish type is durable and is perfect for use in areas of high traffic in the house like the stairway, living room, and children’s home. For applications of the interior wall, it is good to have a satin finish.


Matte and flat finish – This finish is populous due to its ability to hide imperfections because it can absorb light rather than reflecting it like other paint finish types. This paint is recommended for little traffic areas because it does not wash like other paint finishes.

Now that you know the finish types provided by Miami 305 remodeling, you are now equipped to make a decision as to the finish type you would like to use in the house. Areas of the house that experience less traffic and activities are best when applied with flat paint finishes. This is also applicable when you are covering minor flaws or imperfections on your surface. However, you need to be warned that the flat finish is harder to clean as compared to other finishes.

House areas that see medium and high activity and traffic are best when painted with the semi-gloss paint. The semi-gloss is more durable when compared to flat paint and is quite easy to clean, providing a surface [kitchen and bath remodeling south beach] that is not extremely shiny and not too dull.

Finally, house areas that are always frequented by many people are best when applied with high gloss paint finishes and you will be happy if you choose to follow this advice. These finishes stand up to ideal punishment and also clean well. It makes it a perfect choice for interior/exterior painting combinations.


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What is 4+15?